Always have, always will...

To say yellow runs through my veins sounds pretty weird but, although I initially missed the significance of this colour in my life, yellow has literally been a part of my journey since birth... 

Always Yellow, thus, is the result of a lightbulb moment I had during lockdown in 2020. It is a proudly Namibian blog that aims to share the Land of the Brave with the world - from interesting places and inspiring people to some history and good-to-know facts about Namibia, you're sure to find some thought-provoking content here.


Oddly enough, yellow is not my favourite colour (true story, green won that battle by about 3 points!). Why this bright-light-ness all over then? Well, if you look at yellow and it's most common meanings, you'll find that this colour is mostly associated with inspiration, creativity, positivity and happiness. In Namibia, the golden yellow on our national flag symbolizes life and energy​ but, as the universal colour used to indicate caution or warning, yellow can also be threatening and even loud... Nonetheless, those who know me well will agree that my personality basically screams yellow and, since I believe you have to get organized or go broke, Always Yellow is not only a very personal project, but also a long-term commitment to promote, inspire and share knowledge.

​I trust you'll enjoy and share the contents posted on this site, hopefully you'll leave feeling a little lighter and a lot brighter!

AJ from Namibia

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