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Jackson Brown Jr.

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Logan Guillaume Slabbert

Despite the serious medical conditions he was born with on 27 December 2019, this beautiful boy continues to prove that he's tougher than most people will ever need to be in their entire life...


You see, when Logan was born on 38 weeks, he weighed a mere 2.4 kg (5.2 pounds) and he received 3 huge surgeries before he was 3 months old. Unfortunately, although his growth and development is nothing short of a miracle during the past year, Logan needs to go back to Cape Town for further surgeries early 2021.

To cover his medical expenses, Logan's brave and wonderful parents (Gerrie and Wilmie Slabbert) recently launched a fundraiser on backabuddy.co.za. 

By clicking on the image below you can read the full story and make a donation to support this special family.


Marthie Drotskie Zwemmer

At the end of 2020, a group of amazing people came together to help save a life. These Namibians, all with full time jobs and various other responsibilities, refused to accept the lot of Chef Marthie Zwemmer after she was bitten by a Mozambican spitting cobra in Katima Mulilo. 

Marthie's unfortunate story of gross negligence in state hospitals started on 27 August 2020. Following a spectacular effort between medical practitioners, snake bite experts, friends and caring strangers, Marthie was transferred to Windhoek where she finally received the correct treatment on 15 October - 49 days after the lethal bite.

To make matters worse, Marthie and her medical team had to deal with a multi-drug resistant bacterial soft tissue infection before a skin graft operation could be completed... This significantly increased the cost of her medical care, which is completely reliant on the fund created when she was transferred to Windhoek in October 2020.


Marthie continues to fight and is making great progress with the recovery of her arm. By clicking on the image below you can read the full story and make a donation towards her medical care on gofundme.com. There is also a page on Facebook, feel free to follow and share A Plea for Marthie.