Public transport & transfer services in Namibia

Whether you're a local or tourist, you're bound to look for transport options if you don't own (or want to use a rental) vehicle while travelling in Namibia...

The question of public transport options have been raised on various travel platforms, thus, we decided to shed some light on the best and easiest ways to get from point A to point B. Important to note is that Uber is not operational in Namibia yet. Luckily, there are similar options that are just as convenient and safe.

The first option on our list is LEFA, a clever and innovative Namibian alternative to Uber.

Launched in 2018, LEFA was one of the first Namibian transfer services to connect drivers with passengers through a mobile application.

Currently, they mainly operate in Windhoek and it's surrounding areas, but are planning to expand their services to the coast (Swakopmund) soon.

Downloading and registering on the mobile app is super easy and, once you've booked a service, you can review the pick-up location, add a drop-off location (with extra notes) and see the approximate time it will take a LEFA driver to reach you. In addition to accepting cash, they are also registered on PayToday, making it ideal for those who prefer to pay electronically.

LEFA's website provide a comprehensive overview of their services and their free mobile application is available on Apple's App Store as well as Google Play. For more information you can find them on Facebook or see some of their most frequently asked questions here.

"One of the best things about LEFA is that I've never waited for a driver longer than 10 minutes. The vehicles are always super clean and the drivers are neat and professional while adhering to all safety regulations. Last year, I forgot my keys, wallet and phone in one of the cars and within an hour the driver came back to my house and personally brought back all my belongings" - J. Brockman (Windhoek)

Next up is one of the most familiar local names when it comes to transfers, DIAL A CAB.

Dail A Cab offers an easy and convenient way of travelling and, true to their name, arranging a transfer only requires a simple phone call...

Their services include door-to-door transfers, chauffeur driving, group and even emergency transportation. They can assist with transfers throughout Namibia but bookings for transfers outside Windhoek should be booked in advance.

Operating 24/7, you're sure to find a Dial A Cab driver ready to assist you whenever you need them. They only accept cash payments but, as the kind operator explained to me telephonically, the drivers will gladly take a de-tour to the nearest ATM if you require same.

Check out their website for more information on rates, the fleet or to make an online booking.

"I've used Dail A Cab many times, mostly to and from events when I knew I'd need a designated driver later on. No matter the time, their operators are always friendly and they'll try to assist you in the shortest time possible. Once you phone for a pick-up, the operator takes your details and connects you to the closest driver who then calls you to confirm your location and the time it'll take before they reach you. Drivers are neat and cautious in traffic and I've always felt safe in the Dial A Cab vehicles" - E. Bisschoff (Windhoek)

The next transfer service is another well-established company, namely WINDHOEK CITY CAB

Whether you need an airport or intercity transfer, guided tour, tailored safari or chauffeur service, Windhoek City Cab can assist with fast, safe and convenient transport options.

Bookings can be made via telephone, e-mail or online and they accept cash or eWallet payments. Their website provides extensive information on all services offered and the rates for airport or point-to-point transfers are clear and conveniently listed on the site.

"While living in Windhoek, I regularly used City Cab to get around safely. Their friendly and well-spoken drivers were very professional and the vehicles were extremely neat and clean. I can't remember one time when they were late, drove dangerously or made me feel unsafe in any way. Their rates were very affordable and I'll certainly make use of their service when I travel to Windhoek in future" - N.S. Innes (Mariental)

Extending their services, Windhoek City Cab partnered with MOOVA, a two-in-one mobile application that offers rides and food delivery in Windhoek.

Moova Rides conveniently connects you to City Cab while Moova Bites promise a trouble-free option to order and have food from local restaurants delivered at your doorstep.

Moova currently operates in Windhoek and it's surroundings but is planning to expand their services to the rest of Namibia soon.

Payment options include cash, debit/credit card, PayToday, eWallet and/or Easywallet.

Unfortunately, after downloading the app, I struggled to register with my mobile number and the option to login via Facebook did not work either... To try and test this service on your own, I'm including links to their website and Google Play where you can download the free mobile application.

The last entry on this list is one I discovered very recently. Offering a brilliant way to book public transport, TAXI CONNECT is a mobile application that will surely change the way Namibians hail cabs in future...

In their own words, Taxi Connect is a local, tailor developed system allowing Namibian taxis to go online.

Launced in 2020, they offer a safe, reliable and very convenient way to book registered taxis at normal cab fares. The app allows users to track their journey, see information about their driver and vehicle, and pay their fares with cashless options.

Downloading, registering and using the application is very user friendly and their presence on social media really is on-point when communicating with the general public. Moreover, interactive behind-the-scenes posts are frequently shared with great emphasis on safety, especially for female users.

The Taxi Connect mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. For more information, find them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or visit their website for more.

"The main reason I prefer and use Taxi Connect is because of the cost - it definitely is the most affordable option I've tried to date! Their travel options (either private or regular) allow me to choose a safe and convenient ride every time, while payments can easily be done in cash or by using the built-in wallet on the app. So far, I really cannot find fault with any of the Taxi Connect drivers or vehicles - their service is professional and friendly and I especially recommend it to woman and children because of the safety/tracking options provided on the app" - A. Innes (Windhoek)

We hope you enjoyed this short summary of a few transfer services in Namibia. Know of another service we can feature? Feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments and we might do a similar review in future!

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